#HOWTO: Tweak Your Organization’s Facebook Site For Graph Search

Last week we talked about what Facebook’s latest feature, Graph Search, is (Namely, a way to combine keywords, categories, and what friends are saying about them within Facebook) and it is not (Namely, a challenger to Google’s search algorithms across the internet). This week we want to help you and your organization make the most of the new feature by prepping the content you post on Facebook.

First and foremost (and this tweak applies to any images you post on your blog or website, much less your Facebook Timeline), tag your images and identify them. Such terms will show up in people’s searches (both Graph & Google). What else?


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#HOWTO: Keep Your Facebook Page Updated While Mobile This Holiday Season

Facebook with Santa Hat

Mobile Facebook for the new year.

As the Christmas Season approaches, most of us will be taking a bit of much-needed downtime from our nonprofits and charities. Many will also be traveling to see family as well. Unfortunately, the concerns of nonprofits and charities do not take holidays, and you might want to keep people updated via Facebook on what your organization is doing in the holiday season. Facebook has been striving to make inroads into the mobile market over the last number of months, and so we wanted to give you a few tips for getting access to your charity’s page via your mobile device. And even if you are stepping away from Facebook to spend more time with the egg nog, having mobile access to your account should be a resolution (and one of the easier ones to achieve) in the new year.


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#SOCIALMEDIA: IOC Struggles To Corral First “Social Olympics” In London

Infomous envisions social media activity around London Olympics

Click on image to visit

The Opening Ceremonies went off without a hitch. Security concerns have been allayed thus far. The weather hasn’t been too bad. For Americans, we’ve had a few sub-par performances in the pool and on the gymnastics apparatuses, but so far, so good.

Unless the issue is how this so-called “First Social Games” is going. The social media events have not gone quite like fans, competitors, or International Olympic Committee members had thought it would − all for different reasons. Indeed, the biggest security dust-up has to do not with fears of terrorists, but fears of unwanted mention of sponsors by athletes and/or their supporters. Is the IOC fairly trying to protect the Olympic ‘brand’ or are its members greedily limiting expression through social media? And does anybody else really care?


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#SOCIALNETWORKS: Let’s Check In With Foursquare For Nonprofits

Screenshot of Foursquare SM on a mobile device

Checking in on the iPhone

We have talked about Foursquare, the social network and geo-tagging software that offers opportunities to share your experiences at businesses and organizations of all types. The platform is a comparative newcomer, having been launched by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai in 2009. But as of this April its membership has swelled to over 50 million. Unusual for a social platform, Foursquare’s members are pretty evenly divided between men and women and between US and worldwide users.

Communications consultants have been eager to find ways to leverage Foursquare’s appeal for nonprofits, so let’s see the interesting things that have been developing over the last year or so.


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#SOCIALNETWORKS: Unifying Your Strategy By Diversifying These 5 Key Points

Awareness Social Marketing's workflow on social media strategy

Click to Enlarge

As we move into the second half of 2012, especially into planning for the fund-raising campaigns of the holiday season, nonprofits also should do a checkup on the face they are presenting on their social networks. Get yourself in the mood to question, re-align, edit… and then get into your Facebook account. The folks at Awareness, makers of social-marketing software for small businesses, have just released a white paper called “Five Killer Strategies to Dominate Social Media’s Big 3: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube”, which can be had by signing up and downloading the report. They also have released the infographic we post on the right here (which, to my eye, reads more like a strategic flowchart).

If you aren’t ready for a white paper on the topic, Jim Belosic has a five-step proposal to reconsider what you have on your organization’s page and what you might want to think about when monitoring it. Such as…


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#SOCIALNETWORKS: Twitter Continues To Expand Through Mobile Devices

Mobile phones and Twitter go great togetherThe Pew Internet and American Life Project has brought us valuable statistics and reported notable trends in internet use over the years, and a recent report focused on the growing use of Twitter as a means of social networking. Twitter could be described as a social networking platform that punches above its weight class. Twitter turned six this past March, and by its own accounts has some 140 million users sending some 340 million tweets a day. For the sake of comparison, Facebook has over 900 million.

Yet Twitter’s political and cultural impact is almost equivalent, even if it has only 15.5% as many users. Note the ‘Arab Spring’ as a ‘Twitter Revolution.’ How does Twitter have such an oversized geopolitical impact? The same reason local nonprofits should be developing a presence on the social network.


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#TECH: Scott Lenger Encourages Mobile Planning For Nonprofits At NTEN 2012

Last week Don Akchin posted an insightful interview with John Kenyon of NTEN about some of the trends he sees in social outreach and technology for nonprofits. On Don’s final question about upcoming developments, John stressed the fact that mobile communications are the next wave nonprofits have to be preparing for:

One thing I keep hearing more about and seeing more evidence about is mobile. If folks are keeping on top of their website analytics, every week they are seeing an increase in the number of folks accessing their site via a mobile device. A couple of things go along with that change. One is creating a mobile version of your site that is a pared down version and designed for mobile devices. The other is to be aware of the kinds of people using mobile devices and how they use them.

Mobile was a major topic at NTEN’s annual conference this past April in San Francisco, and they have been posting videos about that very topic so we all can share in the knowledge. What is your organization doing to prep for mobile?


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#TECH: Why & How To Send One Text Message To Your Nonprofit’s Constituents

Smartphones and text messaging continue to expand

Ever more people want to communicate with their mobile devices, and they want to communicate on their mobile devices with text messaging. The distinction between those under about 25 and those older is striking − with the under 25s responding to emails, and even aural phone messages, with text. But even those who actually make calls with their cell phones find text messaging a convenient way to share practical information quickly.

Nonprofits are (slowly) starting to take advantage of text messaging as a means to encourage engagement and to inspire giving. One of the first crises/campaigns to get noticed for its use of text was the the American Red Cross’s response to the earthquake in Haiti. But many charities are working up ‘text lists’ to rival their ‘email lists’. The question is, how can a smaller nonprofit easily send out messages to its constituents without contacting them individually?


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#SOCIALNETWORKS: Let Flickr Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story As It Happens

Flicker helps you save, organize, and share images and videoA picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. And with digital social media, images are becoming both more common and more powerful as platforms such as Facebook and Google+ emphasize the photo and graphic qualities of their social-media networks. A kind of ‘visual economy’ is developing, within which social networks are competing and users are finding ever more refined ways to share their most interesting/compelling/entertaining work. With the ubiquity of smartphones with at-least decent cameras, nonprofits should be encouraging their staffs and volunteers to use those cameras to help tell the story of your organizations good work. One of the best ways to share that story is through Flickr. Let us show you how.


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#COMMUNICATIONS: Make Your Next Fundraiser An Online Conversation Too

Twitter Walls can be a laptop attached to a TV

A Twitter Wall adds dynamism to even the smallest event

Though weather in the mid-Atlantic continues to flirt with spring while staying surprisingly loyal to winter, it is the season to be planning summer festivals, fundraisers, and rallies. And if you really want to stay on top of your nonprofit’s schedule, start planning your end-of-year banquet as well (and use Tungle). But in this day and age, a nonprofit’s fundraising festival should be but one component of a multi-media plan to engage constituents, volunteers, and supporters both at the event and in the social networks of those attending.

We have recommended ‘Tweet Tables’ in previous posts, and today we draw on a really useful compendium of ideas from Trevor Jonas at


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#SOCIALMEDIA: Rise Of Micro-Networks Might Reconfigure Social Outreach

Path is a sharable diary only for mobile devices Online social networking is all about the sharing, even sharing stuff you wished the rest of the world didn’t see. The opportunities for outreach are expanded exponentially through a social network like Twitter or a blogging site like Tumblr. For businesses, to garner thousands of ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ can be testament to your product’s popularity in the market. But those thousands can also alter your message faster and farther than your company might like. The phenomenon of Kony 2012 proves that millions might watch, but many of those millions are also challenging the message. And how many of us have texted a work colleague meant for our significant other?

A micro-networking culture is brewing that might alleviate some of these stresses through greater control and focus of who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ of your particular network. And developers are not thinking in ‘Circles.’


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#HOWTO: Link Your Tumblr Post To Other Social Networks

Different people speak different social networks, so strive to connect them all.Social networks build connections and interactions, sometimes in surprising ways. Long before such networks were presumed to be online, nonprofits have strived to make connections, have friends influence friends, and spread their good work by word-of-mouth. Now that much of that socializing is taking place electronically, nonprofits need to offer numerous opportunities to disseminate their information. Plenty of evidence shows that a Facebook page is expected for nonprofits, even though little fundraising or communication will come directly from there. Blogging and Tweeting seem to encourage far more engagement than Facebook.

One of the many beauties of Tumblr is that it’s designed to link your blog posts to your Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feed. So you can keep the accounts your community already has running, develop a blog site via Tumblr, and easily connect the three or four! Here’s how:


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#Tech: QR Codes, Smart Phones, And Prunes Come Together In South Korean Subway

The BBC and PRI’s The World offered a story on the ‘virtual grocery stores’ that are starting to pop up on the walls of some of Seoul’s subway stations. They are the brainchild of Homeplus, the South Korean affiliate of the British supermarket chain Tesco (which has only a minimal presence in the US market as a part of the ‘Fresh & Easy‘ stores). The advertisements have images of the foods sold at the market and QR Codes associated with each product. Use your smart phone to snap a shot of the QR Code, which places your order into a bag or bags, all of which will delivered to your home.

Will such a convenience move beyond the Korean peninsula? Probably, though some resistance is found even in South Korea’s subway.


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#SocialMedia: Turns Out, Twitter Can Start Revolutions Mr. Gladwell

Occupy Wall Street Call To Action, Including QR CodeWhat a difference a year can make – not always for the better, mind you. But in today’s post we see grounds for optimism when it comes to the development of social networks and of social movements through those networks as they force political and economic change.

Last fall we wrote about the incisive and incendiary thesis of Malcom Gladwell, who wrote in The New Yorker magazine that social media gives us an inflated sense of social and political engagement when, in fact, little changes. His argument was that though social networks are critical for social change those networks must be personal, not virtual, and the ‘friends’ must be willing to put themselves in a high-risk situation – something that a retweet does not require. He contrasted the revolutions of Moldova and Iran in 2009 (and largely unsuccessful) with the civil-rights movement that began at a Woolworths lunch counter in Greensboro, NC in 1960.

But what about now that dictators have fallen in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and perhaps Syria – and the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement has gone global this past weekend?


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#Tech: Near-Field Communication Now Allows Two-Way Exchanges Of Information

NFC Forum LogoThe NFC Forum announced last week a technology protocol that allows NFC to be able to work in two directions synchronously. The press release touted the flexibility of two-way communication and the standards established at the outset to ensure universal access:

The extension of the NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) to peer-to-peer use in SNEP is a significant advance. Previously, NDEF was applicable only to NFC tags in reader/writer mode. Now, SNEP enables the use of the openly standardized NDEF in peer-to-peer mode, making seamless interchange of data a reality. Application developers no longer need to concern themselves with how their NDEF data gets transferred between NFC-enabled devices. By providing this capability, the SNEP specification makes the difference between reader-writer and peer-to-peer operation modes disappear – a major step towards global interoperability of NFC applications.

What does all that mean for the technology and for the ways nonprofits can utilize the technology?


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#SocialNetworks: Is Facebook Too D@%n Complicated? Depends On What You Want To Share.

Facebook as Monitor Of Our ActivitiesWe got the notion for this story from Chris Taylor at, who argues that the geeks at Facebook are so excited about adding and tweaking their platform that they are leaving befuddled an ever growing section of their membership. The latest changes have driven him to distraction:

Take the Ticker, for example, that real-time stream of information which now crowds the right-side of your Facebook page with a lot of distracting noise. Or look at the Like button: That was a very popular all-purpose tool that spread rapidly across the Web. Everyone knows what it means to Like something. But Facebook couldn’t leave well enough alone.

The changes in FB’s layout and Timeline storytelling are not yet implemented for most of us, but they will mean a phenomenal amount of sharing of your online ‘life’. Are you going to accept the flow of your information to the larger world, or are you going to take the time to lockdown or at least curtail some of your sharing?


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#SocialNetworks: How Can Social Media Help You When Disaster Strikes?

Image of a hurricane via satelliteNatural disasters have been a part of human history since Noah. What has changed is how we get information about – and request help in the midst of – natural disasters. Thanks to digital media, we can get instantaneous reports about earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. from all over the world. But what about disaster that either touch closer to home or might directly affect our families and friends?

Social-Media services like Twitter, texting, and Facebook have proven to be great ways to raise money and supplies to deal with the aftermaths of these events, as we have often discussed. But a recent survey from The Red Cross demonstrates how people in the midst of these disasters are turning to these services to get updates on the event and to give updates about their own situations.


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#Tech: Near-Field Communication (NFC) Could Turn Smartphones Into Donation Engines

Near-Field Technology (NFC) allows short-range communications between an NFC antenna or engineered SIM card and a receiver. The communication is good only up to a couple of feet, which might help make it a secure connection because eavesdroppers need to be next to the users. It is a technology that first appeared in Taiwan in 2007, and is expected to have a major impact in the US by the middle of next year.

From a hardware point of view, the user needs a smartphone with the necessary antenna or SIM card. For most of us, that would mean a phone upgrade, though a few NFC-ready phones are already on the market (click here for a running list of available phones). With the NFC-ready phone, a user could connect his or her bank through the phone to make purchases with a swipe of that phone. And there is where the debate has started.


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#Communications: How Twitter Helped And Hurt The Spread Of Information In Two Recent Disasters

Twitter Graphic Against Its Use In London Riots

Which is not to say millions haven't tried it...

As social media become ever more deeply immured into our technology and information landscape, perhaps we should not be surprised that users of such media are starting to be held to standards once expected of reporters at TV stations and newspapers. On the other hand, some seemingly fine reporting about being a lesbian in Syria turns out to be written by a heterosexual male in the U.S. The swell of the swine flu back in 2009 seemed to be predicted by Twitter, until calmer heads pointed out that unfounded fears could spur twitterers to use terms like ‘#swineflu’ for anything related to pigs, pork, or travel to Mexico.

Recent events in the United Kingdom and here on the east coast of the United States has encouraged professional reporting institutions to reach out to the Twittosphere to try to bring some higher level of expectation to those claiming to report from the riots in English cities or through the mayhem of Hurricane Irene that soaked the eastern seaboard this weekend.


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#Tech: Memorial Day History & Technology To Get You Home

Image by Eddie Coyote (Flickr)

Memorial Day in the US sits on the opposite end of the calendar of most of the western (post-)industrial nations who celebrate it on November 11. While theirs marks the end of hostilities from The Great War (aka World War I), ours marks our Civil War, and was begun to create an opportunity for reunifying a divided country.

US General John Logan, who instituted the event as ‘Decoration Day‘ in 1868, sought to give a moment’s reflection on the war dead without undue bias toward the victorious US army over the Confederacy. Indeed, his proclamation stressed a strikingly American emphasis on the familial and the local:

In this observance no form of ceremony is prescribed, but posts and comrades will in their own way arrange such fitting services and testimonials of respect as circumstances may permit.


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Communications: A Beginners Guide to the Social Networking Services


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Leading Age (formerly the American Association for Homes & Services for the Aging) has published a useful guide on their website: it’s a quick look at what social networking is, why you should use it to connect to others and share resources, what the various services do for organizations/individuals, and why one would prefer one service over another. It’s a quick read and will help young and old alike know the difference between a “Tweet” and a “Twit.”


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Social Media: Museums Extend Their Walls To Patrons’ Computers

Guggeneheim & YouTube Video BiennialMuseums represent all that is classical, time-honored, and stable in a world of worthy f flux and fad. These institutions are made up of the spaces, curators, and scholars who house, protect, and advocate for what is worthy of inclusion in the collection.

Yet some museums are keeping that ethos while also engaging in the latest social media to bring audiences into the processes: giving them behind-the-scenes looks at restoration or early-bird opportunities to view new acquisitions, or even having a say of what gets shown.

Last month The New York Times had a story about how two museums in the city, one in Indianapolis, and one in San Francisco are finding creative ways to bring people to the museums’ activities and collections, even if those people do not go to the museums themselves. What seems to work to engage people in these virtual collections?


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Social Media: Twitter Clips 3rd-Party Developers’ Wings


twitter logo map 09

(Photo credit: The Next Web)


On Monday of this week, Twitter reiterated its demands that third-party developers of software interfaces and/or added features to the enormously popular ‘micro-blogging’ site hold development on their products. As Juan Carlos Perez points out in an article published on, those third-party developers are neither happy nor stopping their development.



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Social Media: Newspaper Abandons Newsprint. Uses Facebook Instead.

Facebook + Media LogoMuch has been in the news about the role of social media to spark and sustain the revolutions going across the north African/Arabian region. A small irony amidst the bloodshed and tragedy of a tyrant killing his own people is that most Libyans had to revert to overseas 1990s dialup to wield the power of 2010s social media.

Once connected – IF one could connect – Facebook became as much a means to disseminate news to the larger world as it was to reach out to like-minded local activists. In fact, over the last year or so Facebook’s programmers have been developing tools to clarify and simplify the ways Facebook can become a news source. How as FB developed itself to act as a medium to disseminate real news?


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Far More Developers Than Users of Location-Based Social Media

iPhone location test in downtown Denver

(Photo credit: ebatty)

We shared with you last week a story published by The Wall Street Journal about how mobile applications draw our personal data from our devices in ways few of us understand. We would expect our social-media apps to do such (Facebook, our myriad of Twitter-based software, FourSquare, etc.), but The WSJ found that information-based apps and websites often share even more of our personal data than do social media.

One of aspects of our personal data that we seem less willing to share is our personal space – or at least where our personal space is at any given moment. Location-based services are growing, if FourSquare’s numbers are any indication. But their numbers are still small in relation to the buzz about their potential.


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