#GRANTS: Verizon Foundation Offers Support For Environmental & Educational Nonprofits

VerizonFoundation Logo #GRANTS: Verizon Foundation Offers Support For Environmental & Educational NonprofitsCountless members of nonprofit and charity staffs use Verizon as their cellular and/or internet (and/or cable) provider. But did you know the Verizon Foundation also supports such nonprofits and charities with grants in money, kind, and service? The Foundation focuses on issues pertaining to K-through-12 education, health care, and sustainability/environmentalism, so if your organization is involved in any of these fields, you should reach out and touch them (Er, wrong service. And century.). Here’s how.


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#GRANTS: The Lawrence Foundation Can Help Your Environmental Or Health Program

Screen Shot 2012 07 17 at 12.39.21 300x55 #GRANTS: The Lawrence Foundation Can Help Your Environmental Or Health ProgramIn our ongoing periodic series on sources for grants, we have focused on foundations tied to the great tech companies of our day. In this installment we present a foundation not obviously linked to that sector of the economy, though in fact it is intimately entwined. The Lawrence Foundation was established by Jeff Lawrence and Diane Troth (spouses) in 2000 with some of the proceeds received from the acquisition of Trillium Digital Systems, which was a company Jeff started, by Intel Corporation. Over the last decade-plus, the foundation has offered over $3 million to projects concerning education, health, the environment, and disaster relief (local and international). How would your organization benefit from a relationship with the Lawrence Foundation?


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#TECH: Apple Backs Down on EPEAT. Welcome Back To EPEAT!

Apple epeat withdrawal 300x200 #TECH: Apple Backs Down on EPEAT. Welcome Back To EPEAT!

Apple bruised by PR cuts over EPEAT

No, MKCREATIVEmedia doesn’t wield that kind of influence over 1 Infinity Loop. Or any influence, really. But about two hours ago we posted a summation of Apple’s withdrawal from the very EPEAT environmental standards the corporation helped establish over a decade ago. Our little contribution to the issue was not technological or particularly environmental, but political: Apple (and any other corporation, bank, investment firm, media conglomerate…) wants to set the rules, follow the rules, and be umpire of those rules (for itself) all at the same time.

Well, difficult to say that Apple called a foul on itself. But retiring Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Bob Mansfield, has released a press release at Apple’s website explaining why Apple has decided to return to the EPEAT community!


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#SOCIALNETWORKS: OneClimate Is A Social Platform Primed For The Environmental Community

OneClimate Logo1 150x122 #SOCIALNETWORKS: OneClimate Is A Social Platform Primed For The Environmental CommunityOf course those who are engaged in the pressing issues of environmental degradation and global warming want to reach out to audiences as wide as possible. The heavy hitters of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…) can serve that purpose. But did you know that other social networks focus on particular issues and offer opportunities to talk with others focused on your organization’s concerns? If those concerns include those of the environment (from global industrial waste to local concerns of residue from asphalt runoff), sign up on the social network Why join yet another social-networking platform?


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#GRANTS: Dell Computers & Dell Foundation Offer Resources For Youth & Environment

msdf logo 300x91 #GRANTS: Dell Computers & Dell Foundation Offer Resources For Youth & EnvironmentDell Computers was founded in 1984 in Austin Texas and it became a worldwide leader in online sales of MSDOS/Windows/x86 computers within a decade. Michael and Susan Dell established their foundation in 1999 in an effort to present their booming company as a corporate citizen. The efforts of the foundation are to multiply the work of Dell’s individual employees:

Being a good corporate citizen is more than just writing a check to a nonprofit and checking ‘complete’ next to your external branding strategy. To make a meaningful difference, companies must integrate the process into its business model, strategically align community involvement with business initiatives and avoid diluting efforts by consciously focusing on areas where the greatest impact can be made. That’s the recipe for success in today’s global market.

If your organization would like to apply for support from the foundation, we have collated some resources to help you get started.


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#ENVIRO: Spring Is The Time To Build Rain Barrels & Community Gardens

300px Community garden #ENVIRO: Spring Is The Time To Build Rain Barrels & Community Gardens

A community garden in Montreal, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weather in the mid-Atlantic states has been, well, awkward this spring. April temperatures have been cooler than February temperatures, and drought conditions are already a concern. But with spring comes new buds, rebirth, baseball, and the opportunity to establish that community garden that you and your neighbors have been talking about all winter.  The University of Missouri Extension Program has released one of the best guides we have ever seen about getting your community garden out of the dreams of you and your neighbors and getting it into the ground for everyone to enjoy. We also found some great advice to keeping it well watered as the summer approaches.


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#ENVIRO: CBS/EcoMedia Partnership Expands To Bring Revenues To Green Nonprofits

The alliance between CBS/EcoMedia began just last year in an effort to bring advertising dollars directly to nonprofits, and the success of the program is beyond doubt as five more nationally recognized environmental nonprofits have recently joined the ranks. The effort of the partnership is allow corporate sponsors who buy advertising through the CBS conglomerate to direct some of that money toward the nonprofits themselves. According to the EcoMedia mission statement, “We’ve developed partnerships with cities across America, all of which have environmental projects in need of funding. When companies advertise with us, dollars go directly into these projects, thereby turning traditional television commercials, radio spots, online advertising, and outdoor billboards into EcoAds.”


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#Tech: Apple’s Reputation Gets Pulped – Deservedly So?

Screen shot 2012 01 27 at 10.00.52 150x41 #Tech: Apples Reputation Gets Pulped   Deservedly So?


Tweets often move faster than facts. True, the Apple web store was down for a bit yesterday, but when it came back up, no new iPad or iPhone 5. Indeed, the only notable difference I could see was the prominence of Apple’s report on ‘Supplier Responsibility‘ for 2012.

Which proved to be a ‘fortuitous’ move, given the fact that yesterday The New York Times published a scathing and in-depth report about workers’ conditions at technology-suppliers Foxconn in China. A significant portion of Foxconn’s factory in Chengdu exploded in May 2011, killing four workers. Which slowed output of iPad 2s, which caught peoples’ attention. Which inspired investigations into what was going on at Foxconn. Which are now coming to light and showing the terribly rough conditions at the factory/city. For which Apple is taking most of the heat. Is that fair?


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#Enviro: Does a Green Xmas List Really Help The Environment?

We enjoy looking for, and perhaps even presenting ourselves, challenging ideas for our readers. And one idea we came across challenges our desires to find just the right holiday gift for a loved one while maintaining our green/environmentalist cred. Piers Fawkes, founder and CEO of the New-York based firm PSFK, argues in a recent blog post that ‘buying green’ this holiday season really misses the boat when it comes to helping the environment or changing the habits of businesses.

Are we indeed doing more harm than good when we buy from those ‘Green Gift Guides’ that show up in many of our (e)mail inboxes?


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#ProAging: Which US Cities Offer The Best Lifestyle To Their Older Citizens?

Dave Letterman offers only a “Top 10″ list, but Bankers Life and Casualty has just published its Top 50 “Best US Cities For Seniors 2011″ and the list contains a few surprises – though, admittedly, not so many laughs.

The list was drawn up with an effort to establish some stable criteria that were, in turn, weighted to reflect the importance of each issue with older Americans. For example, healthcare opportunities are weighted to 10 at the top of the scale, whereas housing was weighted at 5, because many kinds of housing arrangements can be made for many kinds of seniors, whereas healthcare is a priority for all older people.

The good side about a weighted standard is that readers can judge for themselves if a certain concern outweighs other issues. For example, the city noted as having the lowest crime and the safest urban environment for seniors is Nassau-Suffolk County, New York (Long Island), yet the area did not quite crack the top 10. But if security/low crime is most important for you, you now know where to retire.


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#Tech: The Mac Mini Has Little Impact On Environment Yet Mighty Power

SCaldarelli photo 112x1505 #Tech: The Mac Mini Has Little Impact On Environment Yet Mighty Power

mac mini 2011 150x435 #Tech: The Mac Mini Has Little Impact On Environment Yet Mighty Power

I have often written about the great opportunity and flexibility the Mac Mini Server offers nonprofits and small businesses. In this post, I’m going to quickly address the most obvious but least talked about feature:  the size and power of the Mac Mini Server.

The box of this powerful little machine measures just 1.4” H x 7.7” W x 7.7” D and weighs just 3.3 pounds.  So, it won’t take up much room on your desk.

It is made mostly of aluminum and plastic so it’s highly recyclable.  It’s also free of lead PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and BFRs (brominated flame retardants) in its logic board. Therefore, when you want to upgrade, you can rest assured that the hardware will be reformatted and reused – and the chemical remnants of the process will not have a notable impact in the groundwater or the atmosphere. The efforts by Apple to reduce the environmental impact go farther still.


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#SocialNetworks: How Can Social Media Help You When Disaster Strikes?

Hurricane On Satellite 150x106 #SocialNetworks: How Can Social Media Help You When Disaster Strikes?Natural disasters have been a part of human history since Noah. What has changed is how we get information about – and request help in the midst of – natural disasters. Thanks to digital media, we can get instantaneous reports about earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. from all over the world. But what about disaster that either touch closer to home or might directly affect our families and friends?

Social-Media services like Twitter, texting, and Facebook have proven to be great ways to raise money and supplies to deal with the aftermaths of these events, as we have often discussed. But a recent survey from The Red Cross demonstrates how people in the midst of these disasters are turning to these services to get updates on the event and to give updates about their own situations.


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#Philanthropy: How to Find and Solicit the Biggest Corporate Donors

Corporate Responsibility graphic #Philanthropy: How to Find and Solicit the Biggest Corporate DonorsIn the midst of the present economic crisis, the debate about whether corporations should have social responsibility to give to philanthropic causes has grown heated. Some argue that CR (Corporate Responsibility) departments actually diffuse problems rather than solve them and corporations should put their resources to better, profit-driven, uses for the betterment of all. Others counter that without a role for institutionalized CR, innovation and economic dynamism are often replaced with market suppression and cronyism.

But the present fact is a number of corporations give a good deal of financial and/or goods-in-kind support for social causes (broadly defined). A list of the top 50 (as of July 2011) can be found at The Foundation Center‘s website. What are some of the ways they give? And how might your organization benefit from their philanthropic programs? Over the next few weeks, we’ll present some of the research pursued to see what can be learned about a number of these 50 programs.

We begin with the top 5.


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#interview: Miriam Avins, Founder Of The Baltimore Green Space

Miriam Avins 150x1501 #interview: Miriam Avins, Founder Of The Baltimore Green Space

Greening Baltimore,one lot at a time

This is a repost of an article that original appeared on the MKCREATIVE Nonprofit Marketing Blog in December, 2010.

Shortly after Miriam Avins and her family moved to Baltimore in 2003, she and her neighbors started a community garden after a dilapidated house next door to them was taken down. A few years later when someone wanted to put up seven condos with underground parking, she became concerned about the fate of many community gardens in the city.

“What struck me was the way people could put in this type of work for many years – much more time than we had done – and still have no more security in terms of the land remaining available for the community. Gardens bring beauty, food, and often even lower crime. Yet a garden can disappear in an instant.”


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#Communications: How Twitter Helped And Hurt The Spread Of Information In Two Recent Disasters

Twitter BBM riots 150x86 #Communications: How Twitter Helped And Hurt The Spread Of Information In Two Recent Disasters

Which is not to say millions haven't tried it...

As social media become ever more deeply immured into our technology and information landscape, perhaps we should not be surprised that users of such media are starting to be held to standards once expected of reporters at TV stations and newspapers. On the other hand, some seemingly fine reporting about being a lesbian in Syria turns out to be written by a heterosexual male in the U.S. The swell of the swine flu back in 2009 seemed to be predicted by Twitter, until calmer heads pointed out that unfounded fears could spur twitterers to use terms like ‘#swineflu’ for anything related to pigs, pork, or travel to Mexico.

Recent events in the United Kingdom and here on the east coast of the United States has encouraged professional reporting institutions to reach out to the Twittosphere to try to bring some higher level of expectation to those claiming to report from the riots in English cities or through the mayhem of Hurricane Irene that soaked the eastern seaboard this weekend.


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#SocialNetworking: Jumo And Good Join To Create Largest Nonprofit Network

Screen shot 2011 08 22 at 10.50.09 150x128 #SocialNetworking: Jumo And Good Join To Create Largest Nonprofit NetworkWe have followed the development of the Jumo website and network over the last year or so, and that organization has recently announced a development ‘merger’ with that will make it/them arguably the largest nonprofit socially-conscious network around.

The union will bring together Jumo’s model of searching for and supporting projects by topics with’s focus on stories, data, and news about a myriad of projects near and dear to the ethically-driven, the socially-engaged, and the community-oriented. What will the merger entail, and what might it mean for nonprofits and social-action groups who want to extend their outreach?


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#INTERVIEW: Steve Frillmann, Executive Director, Green Guerillas .urban gardening 200x30012 #INTERVIEW: Steve Frillmann, Executive Director, Green Guerillas

A community garden created by local residents with the help and support of Green Guerillas

This is a repost of an article that originally appeared on the MKCREATIVE blog in March, 2010.

Each month we look at a marketing challenge faced by many of our clients. This month the issue is when, or if, to switch from print to web-based and social media, and we chose to present it through the eyes of one of our clients. We recently spoke with Steve Frillmann, executive director of Green Guerillas, a nonprofit organization that supports hundreds of community gardens (and gardeners) in New York City.

We’ve been working with the Green Guerillas for nearly 15 years, a relationship that began when Marco Kathuria (MKCREATIVE’s Creative Director & Social Media Strategist) volunteered as photographer/videographer for a project working with children to create colorful murals within community gardens in New York City. Out of that relationship came a realization of a “shared DNA” – a commitment to enrich the lives of city residents, one neighborhood at time. The collaboration with the Green Guerillas evolved into the creation of the organization’s graphic identity and communications toolkit. The marketing mix and the strategic direction it has taken has evolved over the years as a result of the close collaboration between MKCREATIVE and Steve Frillmann.

We began our conversation by asking Steve to give us his perspective on how he sees the Social Media:Direct Mail mix for his own organization, considering that converting one’s communications from print to social media channels is all the rage in business and nonprofit circles. But how useful is a great website if the bulk of your constituents visit the Web infrequently, or never? (more…)

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#Enviro: Time To Plan Your Proposal For The 2012 Baltimore Green Week!

Fun BGW Crew copy copy 150x1502 #Enviro: Time To Plan Your Proposal For The 2012 Baltimore Green Week!The fine folks at Baltimore Green Works have been putting on Baltimore Green Week for the past eight years, and they are calling for submissions for those individuals and organizations ready to make the ninth one the best yet.

The form required to propose your project, product, booth, or happening is available online, and is due on December 14th. The winning proposals will be announced in mid-January. GreenWeek 2012 will be April 21-28 at Druid Hill Park in northwest Baltimore. Green Week is part of BGW’s ongoing EcoFest.

If you are in need of some guidance, inspiration, or feedback, BGW is sponsoring a Q&A Meeting for 27 September at 6:pm at 2002 Clipper Park Road, 4th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21211. The meeting is open to anyone even considering submitting a proposal, though GBW asks for an RSVP either to [email protected] or with a call to 410-952-0334.

But if you are not part of a greening organization or company, you can still take part as volunteers for any of the seven days are always wanted.

Check out BGW’s site if you are unfamiliar with it, and mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Finally, to give yourself the good and tasty nourishment needed for this level of community action, look for your local (MD) farmer’s market and support local farmers for the rest of the summer and fall.



 #Enviro: Time To Plan Your Proposal For The 2012 Baltimore Green Week!

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#Enviro: Looking For Work? Jobs For Greenbacks And For A Green Mid-Atlantic

Screen shot 2011 07 18 at 08.22.44 150x58 #Enviro: Looking For Work? Jobs For Greenbacks And For A Green Mid Atlantic

Click here for jobs

The jobs numbers continues to tetter between 9% and 9.3% unemployment, and involuntary under-employment blooms those numbers closer to 20%. If you are searching for work in the Mid-Atlantic region (Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia), The Mid-Atlantic Regional Collaborative (MARC) has been pushing green jobs at their website over the last couple of years – a trend that has been growing across the country over the last decade or so.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Collaborative MARC should not be confused with the Maryland Area Regional Commuter MARC (though that too has green credentials). The MARC we are referring to allows you to search via keywords, ZIP codes, and commuting radius from your home for a job that is listed as working for the environment and/or making strides to reduce use of un-renewable resources. But the MARC provides more than a listing of some 147 jobs within 10 miles of downtown Baltimore (as of this posting).


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#Aging: Some American Cities Meeting The Challenges Of Boomer Residents

NYC has added 4 seconds to each crosswalk

The vitality of many American cities comes from our perceptions of them as hives of industrial, commercial – youthful – activity reinventing those very cities with each generation. Though such regeneration still goes on, the fact of the so-called ‘silver tsunami’ of aging Baby Boomers means many cities are having to reconsider how to service and accommodate ever growing proportions of older residents.

An Associated Press story carried by NPR discusses the efforts of a few cities to get ahead of the demographic shift, and to ensure that their communities do not become ghettoes of like-aged residents.


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Sustainability: The Ultimate Guide To Green Conferences

300px Helix of sustainability Sustainability: The Ultimate Guide To Green Conferences

Image via Wikipedia

Kerry Given, a writer with Green Marketing TV, has published a very useful list of conferences focusing on sustainability and green issues that will take place in 2011.

Kerry writes that, “with [the] many different green conferences to choose from, how can you decide which are most important for your business to attend? Choosing wisely will not only save your business time and money, it will also reflect your commitment to green principles.”

Check out the comprehensive listing here.

 Sustainability: The Ultimate Guide To Green Conferences

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Enviro: Deepwater Horizon Disaster One Year Later

Deepwater Horizon Oil on Beach 300x180 Enviro: Deepwater Horizon Disaster One Year LaterThe explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico erupted one year ago today. Eleven workers on the Transocean/Halliburton/British Petroleum were killed, though BP has still managed to avoid investigation into their deaths. The terrible tragedy of 20 April 2010 became the ongoing ecological crisis of the largest oil spill in US waters ever. And the cat-and-mouse game BP and the US government played over the amount of old spewing from the damaged wellhead became the political story of the rest of the summer.

One year later, residents of the Gulf are still trying to recover the economic blow of a lost season of tourism and damage to beaches or wetlands. They also continue to struggle to get the promised compensation from BP. What is the state of the Gulf itself one year on?


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Enviro: 8th-Annual Baltimore Green Week Starts Tomorrow!


Screen shot 2011 04 11 at 14.38.47 Enviro: 8th Annual Baltimore Green Week Starts Tomorrow!

Download Emilio Martinez's poster here

It started with a handful of volunteers hoping to draw attention to some of the environmental efforts in and around Baltimore city. It grew in scope to include the business and nonprofit sectors, as well as scores of neighborhood-based organizations. And now Baltimore Green Works is poised to give us the biggest, funnest, most colorful, and most informative Green Week ever. It kicks of tomorrow with “Plant A Vertical Garden” at 2:pm at the Kennedy-Krieger Institute’s Greenspring campus: “Join Baltimore Contained as we plant organic vegetables started from seed by the horticulture students at Kennedy Krieger High School. Using Woolly Pockets planters, you can grow vegetables on any supporting structure, including a chain link fence!” Read on to see the other green goodness coming our way.


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Event: Growing Season Kicks Off With GreenFest in Howard County

Though we are still being teased by a spring that has not quite broken the last of winter (at least not in the Chesapeake Bay region), we have entered the early days of the growing season and green festivals throughout the region. MKCREATIVE will be highlighting regional festivals through the spring, summer, and early fall of 2011, and we encourage our readers to contact us at [email protected] with information about such events in your area.

GreenFestLogoSmall Event: Growing Season Kicks Off With GreenFest in Howard CountyThe season gets under way in Howard County – between Baltimore and Washington DC – with its free “GreenFest,” this Saturday, April 2nd from 10:00am to 4:00pm on the campus of Howard County Community College. Though the festival was launched by the county’s administration in 2007 as a hastily-developed local workshop to tie in with Earth Day, it has steadily grown under the care of co-chair Lindsay DeMarzo, Environmental Planner and Sustainability Projects Manager for the Howard County government, into a full-fledged festival in just four years. She took time away from the busy run-up to the festival to speak with us.


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#Fundraising: Japan Relief & Creative Strategies to Motivate Giving

marialight v2 150x150 #Fundraising: Japan Relief & Creative Strategies to Motivate Giving

We welcome back Maria Lilly, who is discussing the ways many businesses are giving to relief efforts in Japan.

The crisis in Japan has caught the attention of the entire world. As the Japanese search for survivors, struggle to control nuclear plants, and face the daunting challenge of reconstruction, governments around the world are trying to determine the potential impact of radiation on their own shores while corporations address manufacturing supply chain concerns. The global capital markets have also been on a roller-coaster ride since the earthquake and tsunami struck, creating worries that the global economic recovery could be further stalled.

But what has also been most striking is the humanitarian response — and how it has differed vastly from other recent tragedies.


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