#OurWork: NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan Fundraiser

Social Marketing and Media Relations Campaign

Working under the aegis of the Nonprofit Marketing 360 collaborative, MKCREATIVE and LCG Communications embarked on an ambitious campaign to promote an online silent auction for a client. We used a combination of PR (LCG Communications) and social marketing (MKC). Our client, NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan, sought to raise funds to continue its fight in preventing New York University from embarking on a multi-billion dollar plan to redevelop parts of Greenwich Village in New York City.

After an in-depth discovery process as to best approaches, and taking into account the limited funds available, MKC decided to focus its efforts on targeting the Twitter and Facebook social networks and supplement our activities with online search and display ad insertions.


Twitter: We used a combination of tweets, promoted tweets, direct messages, and retweets to add 822 new followers to the client’s Twitter account over a 10 day period.

Facebook: We strategically promoted client Facebook posts, created and managed a comprehensive Facebook advertising campaign (over 100 unique ads), and extended engagement with followers on the client’s Facebook page. Our activities resulted in over 24,000 unique engagements on the client’s Facebook page and/or ads.

Paid Search: The social marketing campaigns were tied together with an online paid search and display ad campaign.

Overall, the campaign (social media and PR activities) resulted in over 3,000 unique visits per day to the silent auction website. While we are unable to discuss the amount of donations received during the week-long silent auction, the client expressed their gratitude for Nonprofit Marketing 360 for helping make the fundraiser a roaring success.


The MKC social marketing team were able to achieve the following results in just 10 days of active campaigning:

Facebook Campaign
Clicks to Auction Site From Client Ads: 7,897
Unique Clicks (on Ads, Posts, Page): 24,244
Campaign Reach: 2,495,449
Campaign Impressions: 14,797,713
People Taking Action (Liking or Commenting): 11,793

Twitter Campaigns
Promoted Account Campaign:
Impressions: 386,874
New Follows: 792

Promoted Tweets Campaign:
Engagements: 159,000
New Follows: 30

Google Paid Search and Display Network Ad Campaign
Clicks to Auction Site from Ads (Search): 1,495
Clicks to Auction Site from Ads (Display Network): 301
Impressions: 1,063,271
Average Ad Position: 2.9

On January 7th, 2014 the court struck down as illegal the giveaway of parcels of parkland in Greenwich Village to NYU as part of the university’s plan to implement the 2013 expansion plan. The struggle against NYU’s plan has been ongoing, and the lawsuit, filed last year by our client, NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan and other individuals and groups, hoped to stop it from permanently altering the Village.



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