#VIDEO: Rob Wu of Causevox Tells Us About Developments In Online Fundraising (Part II)

Last month we posted our first interview with Rob Wu, co-founder of the online fundraising and social-media platform Causevox. We wanted to talk with him because Causevox rolled out the latest version of its platform late last year. Our conversation proved so interesting that we couldn’t contain it in one post, so today we bring you part two of our conversation with Rob. uses CausevoxIn particular, he stresses how nonprofits like in Australia participated in the development and refinements that brought about version 2.o. And why the rollout of 2.0 has proven to be a surer success than having a single big launch. Let’s take a look.

The coders and developers at Causevox clearly see mobile communications and seamless sharing as the means to improve outreach in the near future. Engaging stories need to be told by charities and nonprofits, and getting them out to mobile devices is the technological concern that really drove Rob and his colleagues. We hope you found the interview valuable as your organization ramps up its plans for the upcoming holiday giving season. Check out Causevox and reach out to the staff there. We look forward to presenting interviews of other thought leaders in the near future.


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