#FUNDRAISING: Causevox Improves Online Outreach & Fundraising To 2.0

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We have often sung the praises of the online charity-site platform Causevox. And we do so again as the good folks at Causevox have released a significant series of upgrades and integrations in version 2.0. It moved out of beta last week, allowing any charity or nonprofit to take advantage of the expanding toolbox. This is how the programmers put it last week on the company blog:

We found out that the key to success for online fundraising this decade is easy customization, community engagement, and content marketing. Our existing platform couldn’t accommodate that vision, so we scrapped it and developed, from the ground up, a new and improved CauseVox.

CauseVox 2.0 is our first step to revolutionize online fundraising.

Co-Founder Rob Wu has often spoken with us about the project, and we reached out to him again to hear about the latest goings-on.

We’re excited to finally release CauseVox 2.0 to our users. CauseVox 2.0 has been redesigned from the ground up to make online fundraising easier, faster, and more effective than ever before.

Causevox Admin PageThe online materials about the upgrade stress the improved convenience on the ‘back end’ of your site: WYSIWYG visual editor of your nonprofit’s site, email management, multiple administrator accounts, and the like. But so too have Facebook, Twitter, and (HTML) email outreach opportunities been expanded and easily tweaked to your organization.

Rob has the data to back his enthusiasm too:

In our 2.0 beta, we saw amazing increases in fundraising results. For example, our content fundraising tools allowed our 2.0 pilots get 20% more in donation conversion rates than 1.0. We’ve blended in content marketing techniques with social fundraising to push online fundraising forward.

Congratulations to the Causevox Team! And if your nonprofit or charity is looking for an excellent set of tools to establish an online presence (both outreach and income), we encourage you to contact Rob and his colleagues.




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