#INTERVIEW: Paul Jolly of Jump Start Growth Helps Us Plan for the 2013 ‘Ask’

Our interview with Paul Jolly

Paul Jolly, President of Jump Start Growth, Inc.

This past December, Paul Jolly, President of Jump Start Growth, Inc., talked about the spiritual side of fundraising, and how he works with nonprofits to help them appreciate the motives and desires of big donors. Paul’s company has many years of experience to bring to organizations that are trying to improve their success rates with big donors.

Today we are excited to bring you part two of our interview with Paul. We shift directions just a bit in this conversation to talk about the near future of fundraising. What seems to be the lay-of-the-land for 2013? What technological/communications developments should we keep our eye on? What is developing on the Jump Start Growth website for the new year?

We encourage you to check out the new resources available on the Jump Start Growth site, and reach out to Paul if you are looking to enrich your fundraising plans for this year. We thank Paul again for his time and for sharing some of these great ideas, and we hope you will stay tuned for further interviews as part of our ongoing series of interviews with thought-leaders and deep thinkers in the fields of communications, fund-raising, technologies, and nonprofits.


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