#SocialNetworks: Are You LinkedIn To Your Nonprofit?

This past summer we discussed the fact that LinkedIn had developed organizational pages designed for nonprofits. It was but one feature added with the input of Bryan Breckenridge, whose job it was to expand the ‘LinkedIn for Nonprofits’ project.

But like any good SM platform, LinkedIn has not been sitting on its laurels.

It has recently developed communications technologies behind-the-scenes that allow individuals working for nonprofits to reach out with the voice of the institution’s account, rather than their own as members of the institution. The change offers opportunity for a more uniform and professional outreach, even as you leverage the personal touch of the platform.

Moreover, as John Haydon of points out, “Anyone on LinkedIn who indicates that they are involved with your nonprofit will also appear on your Company Page, which creates a greater sense of community around your cause.” And, as with individual accounts for some time, the organizational page at LinkedIn can be tied to your organization’s Twitter account and Facebook page. Which also means third-party apps like TweetDeck can help streamline your postings to all your various accounts.

If you are unsure how to get started with an organizational LinkedIn account, or if you need some inspiration to get yours going, watch Noland Hoshino of SMOBooks, who talks with great enthusiasm about using LinkedIn Company Pages for a nonprofit.

‘Tis the season to be developing your outreach!


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