#Philanthropy: As Steve Jobs The CEO Retires, Will Steve Jobs The Philanthropist Step Forward?

Steve Jobs Looks Confrontational At WWDC

Keep your hands off of my stack.

The Carnegies, the Mellons, the Rockafellers, the Buffetts… They all made scads of money in their chosen careers. They all founded foundations and gave away scads of money in their later years. Nowadays, Carnegie (to pick one example) is probably better known for his libraries and university endowments than he is for how he made his money (steel manufacturing and union busting).

In our modern media world, wealthy philanthropists can’t get a break: they get criticized for how much they give, or how often, or to whom, or how long it took them to get around to giving. Bill Gates may be beloved now for the work he and his wife Melinda do through their foundation, but for most of the 1990s-2000s he was lambasted as a nerdy capitalist who famously argued that spam would come to an end by 2007.

What makes Steve Jobs different is that he in the same league as these wildly successful entrepreneurs and CEOs, but he seems to have gone out of his way not to give anything away via his company, Apple Inc., or any foundation he has attached himself to.

Will that change now that health concerns have spurred him to retire as CEO of Apple?


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Interview: Zach Hochstadt, Mission Minded Agency Cofounder and Nonprofit Branding Expert

Zach Hochstadt is a founding partner of Mission Minded, a branding firm working exclusively with nonprofit organizations, with offices in San Francisco and Denver. He and partner Jennie Winton founded their firm in 2002 and have helped shape the brands and marketing campaigns of many well known nonprofits, including San Francisco Opera, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Denver Public Schools Foundation, Levi Strauss Foundation, and the Global Health Group at University of California San Francisco. The interview was conducted by Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 and a frequent contributor to the MKCREATIVE blog.

MKC: Branding is a term from the corporate world. Does branding work as well for nonprofits?
Zach:  When we started the company in 2002, we saw ourselves as bringing some of the best principles from the corporate world and applying them in the nonprofit sector. But as you know, the nonprofit sector has some really unique challenges, so we were developing some things specific to the nonprofit market.

Fundamentally, in the corporate world, you’ve got this thing – say, Kleenex – and you’re trying to layer some sense of goodness and extra value on top of it, so Kleenex becomes a symbol of caring. In the nonprofit sector, it’s the opposite: you’ve got a product that has abundant good, and the challenge is to refine it to be clear enough, easy enough, and simple enough to understand that the brand can really stand for something. The other challenge is, in the corporate world the same people who pay for the product receive the benefit. In the nonprofit sector, almost always, one group of people pays for a benefit to be received by another group of folks. (more…)

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#Aging: Advancements In Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Can Lead To Advancements In Treatment

PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer's disease

Image via Wikipedia

Dr. Kejal Kantarci, a radiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and her team of chemists and brain surgeons have recently published findings of their work that might be the clue to screening those likely to develop some form of dementia – as much as twenty years before visible signs appear.

The report came out this week in the e-journal, and can only be accessed through a subscription. Truth be told, such an article would be well beyond the understanding of this blogger, and perhaps some of our readers.

Fortunately, Dr. Kantarci has been discussing her team’s findings with numerous outlets, including


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#Communications: How Twitter Helped And Hurt The Spread Of Information In Two Recent Disasters

Twitter Graphic Against Its Use In London Riots

Which is not to say millions haven't tried it...

As social media become ever more deeply immured into our technology and information landscape, perhaps we should not be surprised that users of such media are starting to be held to standards once expected of reporters at TV stations and newspapers. On the other hand, some seemingly fine reporting about being a lesbian in Syria turns out to be written by a heterosexual male in the U.S. The swell of the swine flu back in 2009 seemed to be predicted by Twitter, until calmer heads pointed out that unfounded fears could spur twitterers to use terms like ‘#swineflu’ for anything related to pigs, pork, or travel to Mexico.

Recent events in the United Kingdom and here on the east coast of the United States has encouraged professional reporting institutions to reach out to the Twittosphere to try to bring some higher level of expectation to those claiming to report from the riots in English cities or through the mayhem of Hurricane Irene that soaked the eastern seaboard this weekend.


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#Tech: ATT Fights Legal Battle Against Its (Business) Customers

AT&T as the Death StarThe body blows between AT&T and the business and federal regulatory communities continue to mount. In July, the law firm of Bursor & Fisher established a website for AT&T customers to sign into a class-action lawsuit to fight the merger. Last week, AT&T launched a countersuit against the firm, stating that outside arbitration has no role to play in the proposed buy-up of T-Mobile.

Whatever the legal/contractual granules of the case, the lawsuit is clear evidence that fears and/or anger are growing over AT&T’s plans for T-Mobile (plans that mostly seem to be about suppressing T-Mobile as a competitor). The business community, within which companies are bought/merged/broken up on a fairly regular basis, is starting to show some worry as well.


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#Aging: GE & Intel Combine Forces To Improve Independent Living For Seniors

CareInnovations LogoThought GE & Intel announced in 2009 a partnership to develop technologies for retiring Baby Boomers to enhance their independence, they announced the finalized plans for the organization this week. According to a GE press release, the final legal steps are being taken to create the joint venture by the end of this year. The symbiotic opportunities of these two high-tech companies is stressed by the announcement: “GE and Intel share a common vision to use technology to bring more effective healthcare into millions of homes and to improve the lives of seniors and people with chronic conditions. With the dramatic increase of people living with chronic conditions, and a global aging population, there is a need to find new models of healthcare delivery and extend care to the home and other residential settings.”

What are some of the technological avenues that the new “Care Innovations” company will be developing?


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#Interview: Jason Dick, Owner of “A Small Change” Fundraising Blog

“A Small Change” is a blog about fundraising. Its creator, Jason Dick, works full-time as a major gifts officer for Evergreen Healthcare Foundation in Kirkland, Washington. His seven years of fundraising experience include previous positions at a community college foundation and in human services. He started his blog four years ago. The interview was conducted by Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360  (of which MKCREATIVE is a member organization) and a frequent contributor to the MKCREATIVE blog.

MKC:  Do you blog while holding down a full-time job?

JASON: Yes. It’s always been on the side of my desk. I had a number of friends who ran really small nonprofits where they had a half-time development person or no development person at all, and they asked a lot of questions about how to run a sponsorship or a campaign. Because I’d been in larger shops, where we were raising a couple million dollars a year or more, I had some ideas about how to put them together, so I just thought, ‘Oh, I’ll write a little bit about what I’ve learned and see if it’s beneficial to some of my friends.’ (more…)

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#Communications: ATT’s Arguments for T-Mobile Buyout Look Ever More Disingenuous

AT&T Chomping Up T-MobileLast Friday we surveyed the arguments presented by AT&T about its desire to purchase T-Mobile for $38 billion. AT&T’s proposal discussed opportunities to bring 3G and next-generation LTE network speeds to almost 90% of its (and hitherto T-Mobile’s) customers, and the creation of jobs required to meet that goal.

But AT&T fumbled the ball about as soon as the play started, as it inadvertently published internal memos noting that reaching about 70% of its customers with faster 3G data networks would be fine, and that such coverage could be had for about $4 billion without the merger. So outright economies of scale seem not to be relevant to the merger. What is?


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#Tech: Same Apps With Different Experiences On iPhone (5?) & Android

iPhone 5 rumored with a keyboard


The rumor mill continues to grind as to whether and when an iPhone 5 will be coming to market, and what improvements it will have. Recent reports state that AT&T upper management has inadvertently given the heads-up to retail managers to prepare for new materials and rollouts in the fall. Thus followers of such news are now predicting a late-September announcement for an early/mid-October release date (Full Disclosure: We predicted a release date of early 2012 if the phone didn’t come out in September.).

Even though Apple Inc. is officially richer than the US Government, the company won’t be giving away iPhones as part of a stimulus package. As we have noted in this blog, the software system iOS 5 is coming out this fall anyway, and the enthusiasm for the 200+ features in the new system is already boiling over. Whether new hardware will come with that software remains to be seen.

In the last few months, the cellphone battle has really been reduced to iPhone vs. Android. Numerous 3rd-party apps have been developed for both platforms over the last year or so, and has made a useful comparison of some of the more popular apps as they perform on each kind of phone. Is your favorite on the list?


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#SocialNetworking: Jumo And Good Join To Create Largest Nonprofit Network

Jumo Logo and TaglineWe have followed the development of the Jumo website and network over the last year or so, and that organization has recently announced a development ‘merger’ with that will make it/them arguably the largest nonprofit socially-conscious network around.

The union will bring together Jumo’s model of searching for and supporting projects by topics with’s focus on stories, data, and news about a myriad of projects near and dear to the ethically-driven, the socially-engaged, and the community-oriented. What will the merger entail, and what might it mean for nonprofits and social-action groups who want to extend their outreach?


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#INTERVIEW: Steve Frillmann, Executive Director, Green Guerillas

A community garden created by local residents with the help and support of Green Guerillas

This is a repost of an article that originally appeared on the MKCREATIVE blog in March, 2010.

Each month we look at a marketing challenge faced by many of our clients. This month the issue is when, or if, to switch from print to web-based and social media, and we chose to present it through the eyes of one of our clients. We recently spoke with Steve Frillmann, executive director of Green Guerillas, a nonprofit organization that supports hundreds of community gardens (and gardeners) in New York City.

We’ve been working with the Green Guerillas for nearly 15 years, a relationship that began when Marco Kathuria (MKCREATIVE’s Creative Director & Social Media Strategist) volunteered as photographer/videographer for a project working with children to create colorful murals within community gardens in New York City. Out of that relationship came a realization of a “shared DNA” – a commitment to enrich the lives of city residents, one neighborhood at time. The collaboration with the Green Guerillas evolved into the creation of the organization’s graphic identity and communications toolkit. The marketing mix and the strategic direction it has taken has evolved over the years as a result of the close collaboration between MKCREATIVE and Steve Frillmann.

We began our conversation by asking Steve to give us his perspective on how he sees the Social Media:Direct Mail mix for his own organization, considering that converting one’s communications from print to social media channels is all the rage in business and nonprofit circles. But how useful is a great website if the bulk of your constituents visit the Web infrequently, or never? (more…)

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#Communications: Can We Trust AT&T – T-Mobile Merger Promises?

AT&T Chomping Up T-MobileOr is the merger only promising to be a trust? AT&T has been working through the logistics, regulatory maze, and public-relations (snow?)job for a year or so in its efforts to purchase T-Mobile for $39 million dollars. The merger would make AT&T and Verizon the only major carriers of mobile/4G/LTE networking services in the country. They would carry over 80% of the market and could thus pretty much dictate technology rollouts and regulatory expectations for the industry.

We could trust them to innovate and do the right thing by their customers, of course; seeing as how corporations are people too. Unfortunately for AT&T, the proverbial cat has escaped the bag: documents unintended for public viewing from within AT&T’s legal team pretty much counter the very case AT&T has been making to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the American people.


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#Aging: Health-Care Reform Showing Small Advantages For Medicare Recipients

The infamous Medicare Donut Hole

Shrinking, but not gone until 2020

Politics have roughed up most of our attitudes towards health reform. Sometimes it is difficult to sort out what has changed, what seems to be improvement or expansion or cut in service or cost. As the reforms of 2010 move through the courts, we all might need ever greater concentration to keep an eye under which shell is the benefit and under which shell is the cut.

Some experts, fortunately, are keeping a close eye on the ever-shifting Medicare debate – and many of them are noting some of the improvements that have already been enacted. (more…)

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#Interview: Sarah Durham, Nonprofit Communications Strategist & Author of “Brandraising”

This interview series is produced with the generous support of the Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Zone.

Sarah Durham left the world of corporate communications and marketing in 1994 to launch Big Duck, an agency that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations to help them communicate effectively so they can fulfill their missions. She is the author of Brandraising: How Nonprofits Increase Visibility and Raise Money through Smart Communications (Jossey-Bass, 2010). The interview was conducted by Don Akchin, a principal of Nonprofit Marketing 360 and a frequent contributor to the MKCREATIVE blog.

MKC: First of all, as Chico Marx once asked, “Why a Duck?”

Sarah: I think the true answer is deep and Freudian and subliminal, but the conscious answer is, when I was starting Big Duck, I was leaving Disney Consumer Products, where I had worked on some of the branding issues around Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto, and I think I had the mice, the ducks and the dogs in my head. I wanted to come up with something that had the personality I was going for – creative, playful and sort of open-ended and flexible. (more…)

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#Aging: Caregiving For Parents So Common Most Do Not Report It

Caregiving among younger people as their Boomer parents move toward retirement is so common that they do not even consider it caregiving. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) considers any fairly regular activity, like taking a parent to the doctor or over-the-counter testing for blood sugars, as part of their ‘Caregiver’ category, though the person giving the care rarely notes such activity in surveys or tax forms.

But what is also happening, according to research by the AARP, is that many children in their middle age are giving fairly advanced care without the training required to do things like taking care of catheters or monitoring medications. What might this kind of off-the-books care mean for those giving it?


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#Fundraising: Susan Emfinger Offers Ideas On Raising Big Donations In Economic Downtimes

Susan Emfinger

Susan Emfinger of UMBC

Last week, I said that I would spend some time exploring questions that to my mind are important to fundraisers from both the charity and the education sectors. I introduced a series of loaded questions from a colleague of mine about the challenges of fundraising in the midst of the difficulties most of us face with the economy.

This week I want to offer some ways to overcome these challenges and to turn some difficulty situations back into fundraising prospects.

So in answer to the question, “Is fundraising more difficult now than ever before?” I suppose the answer is this:

It is if you are looking in the wrong place.


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#Tech: Will The iPhone 5 Reinvent Mobile? In 2011? 2012?

iPhone 5 rumored with a keyboard

Not it isn't. And it won't look like this.

Few companies or individuals spur a greater rumor mill than Apple or Steve Jobs. We may speculate over Sarah Palin‘s candidacy for president or Facebook’s next set of tweaks, but Apple has inspired more discussion about non-existent products and unsubstantiated reports than most anything else.

And now much of that attention is focussed on the iPhone 5. We think it’s worth spending a Tech Friday on discussion swirling around the iPhone 5 because (a) an iPhone 5 will come out someday (don’t look to us to guess when) and (2) when it does, it will surely shake up the mobile industry again. Even folks at a BlackBerry users’ site admit that they’ll jump ship as soon as the iPhone 5 hits stores.


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#Enviro: Time To Plan Your Proposal For The 2012 Baltimore Green Week!

Baltimore Green Works Board, 2011The fine folks at Baltimore Green Works have been putting on Baltimore Green Week for the past eight years, and they are calling for submissions for those individuals and organizations ready to make the ninth one the best yet.

The form required to propose your project, product, booth, or happening is available online, and is due on December 14th. The winning proposals will be announced in mid-January. GreenWeek 2012 will be April 21-28 at Druid Hill Park in northwest Baltimore. Green Week is part of BGW’s ongoing EcoFest.

If you are in need of some guidance, inspiration, or feedback, BGW is sponsoring a Q&A Meeting for 27 September at 6:pm at 2002 Clipper Park Road, 4th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21211. The meeting is open to anyone even considering submitting a proposal, though GBW asks for an RSVP either to or with a call to 410-952-0334.

But if you are not part of a greening organization or company, you can still take part as volunteers for any of the seven days are always wanted.

Check out BGW’s site if you are unfamiliar with it, and mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Finally, to give yourself the good and tasty nourishment needed for this level of community action, look for your local (MD) farmer’s market and support local farmers for the rest of the summer and fall.



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#SocialNetworks: Google+ Defies Expectations And Thus Facebook

Google vs FacebookThe fastest growing social network in history (at least until the next one) is now officially Google+, which has grown to over 25 million visitors since its launch a mere 5 weeks ago, according to Reuters. The numbers include the 7.5-odd million who have visited from overseas (India, Canada, Brazil, France, Taiwan…). So thus far things are looking really good for Google’s latest foray into the social-networking universe.

On that particular point: rarely do we get to point out how right we were with a prognostication. But we feel justified in tweeting our success in that the MKCREATIVE blog predicted great things for Google+/Google Plus. Our egos are just as quickly checked, though, when we remember that the success we thought Google+ would enjoy might take a year or two to achieve – not a month.

Will it last?


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#Aging: Resources For Issues Concerning Older Americans

Online planning for elder careNumerous resources are available online and in print for information about elder care, aging, homes for older Americans, etc. We would like simply to touch on a few that we think are quite valuable, and which we hope you will as well. We would love to hear from you if you have some favorites that are not yet on our radar as well.

We begin with a few online networks, blogs, and resources. The first is the LifeSpan Network based in Columbia, Maryland. The network consists of over 300 affiliated organizations, nursing homes, and health-care providers in the Maryland/DC/Northern Virginia region. The website offers information on products and services (including reviews), a jobs-posting page focusing on work in the health/elder-care economy, and on numerous conferences and events as well. The network has its own annual conference coming up this October 30 – November 2 in Ocean City, MD, for those who want to hear directly from the good people who are a part of it.

But wait, there’s more.


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#Fundraising: Susan Emfinger Discusses The Difficulties and Faulty Assumptions of Raising Money

Susan Emfinger

Susan Emfinger of UMBC

In my last blog post, I said that I would spend some time exploring questions that to my mind are important to fundraisers from both the charity and the education sectors. Be careful what you wish for:  just this week a former, non-fundraising colleague asked me a question recently that, frankly, I didn’t have the slightest idea how to answer.

The question was, “Isn’t it much more difficult to fundraise in today’s economy?”

My first impulse was to say, “Hold on just a minute: fundraising was never easy! What, you think I’ve been on vacation all these years?” Ever careful with my impulses, however, I ended up saying I’d get back to him on that. As it happens, this blog gives me a good opportunity to mull over his question with my fellow fundraisers:

Is fundraising more difficult now than ever? This week I’d like to tackle some of the difficulties we are facing in ‘today’s economy.’


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#Tech: Under The Hood of The New Mac Mini & Mac Mini Server

Scott Caldarelli, Tech Consultant

The Mac Mini Server with OS 10.7/Lion

Where's the DVD slot?

I’m excited to talk about the newly updated Mac Mini Server this week, having often discussed the benefits of the previous model on this blog. Apple last week released OS X Lion (OS 10.7) to the public. Along with the major software update and the Mini Servier, they updated the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini.  For the MacBook Air, hardware and software updates are really nice improvements, but for the Mac Mini, the improvements are huge, and really offer the best deal for a small business or nonprofit to organize its office around an inexpensive and easy-to-maintain server system.

The first, most obvious change is that Apple has done away with the DVD/CD drive altogether in the Mac Mini.  You can buy an external DVD/CD drive to add to it if you need, but with online and streaming technologies ever improving, disks are on their way out.


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#Aging: Medicare On The Chopping Block Of Debt ‘Compromise’

As most of us raise a sigh of relief that the debt ceiling was raised and a vague compromise to trim $1.2 trillion of the national debt was reached, we should not assume that all government spending will be trimmed equally. The social safety net weaved by Social Security and Medicare remains the most conspicuous target for cutting. What to be wary of is how the cuts are going to be presented, argues Trudy Lieberman of Time Magazine. What may look good in the headlines is likely to sting older Americans in practice.


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#SocialMedia: Netflix Continues To Harass Loyal Customers

The Netflix Prices Are Too Damn High

A couple of weeks ago, the entertainment-streaming service Netflix realigned its offerings to give customers the choices of having a streaming-only service, a DVD-only service, or a combination of the two – all at a notable price hike from last September’s more modest rise. The company found itself in a social-media mine field as its strikingly loyal customer base threw nasty tweets and blog responses at the company.

The company apparently did not learn its lesson, for it is now reaching out with a hammer to customers who have picked a streaming-only account. Customers have reported to The Huffington Post that as their previous DVD lists/queues dwindle out, they are getting curt messages expecting a return of the very DVD the Netflix robots just sent.


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#Aging: Likely Further Medicare Cuts Hurt Stocks Of Numerous Care Companies

While the ‘compromise’ over the debt ceiling was being shouted over, many analysts noted that the world’s stock markets were, at most, simply unnerved. They were not panicked because investors were confident that some kind of deal would be found and default was not really going to happen. What kind of deal drawn up to avoid the default was less important to them than that a deal would be done.

Yet, rather more quietly behind the overall market indexes most of us pay attention to, stocks for nursing-home companies and their service providers have taken a real hit over the last week. What has spooked investors in elder-care services, if the default has been avoided and Medicare was not expressly cut by the deal?


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