#SocialMedia: First Advertising Tweets Go Out Today And Await Your Clickthrough

A cautiously-pro response about "Promoted Tweets"Twitter launches a new feature to create a revenue stream for the microblogging site. ‘Promoted tweets‘ will come through your Tweet stream, but instead of moving along that stream along with every other 140-odd character announcement, these will sit at the source of your stream for a while – unless you click through them.

Indeed, Twitter stressed the fact that you can dismiss them with a click without dealing directly with the linked content of the advertisements. Moreover, the initial launch will only push ‘promoted tweets’ of companies you are already following. The point of Twitter, though, is to expand networks of information, so we imagine it won’t take long before we all have a few of them in our streams.

Whether they flow as pollutants or as a fair opportunity to spawn some income for Twitter is already being debated.


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#Aging: Medicare’s Support To Home Health Agencies Likely To Be Cut 3+%

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services logoWith government cuts (or default) looming, everyone is talking about cuts. The battle is really over how much cutting will be done, and who will bleed most. The two federal programs that are most often discussed as targets for cutting are Social Security and Medicare. And every political stripe agrees that as the growing number of Boomer retirees move into these programs, stresses will be felt throughout the federal budget.

In this environment, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed changes that include a %3.35 cut in payments to the nation’s home health agencies (HHA) to begin next year. What might these cuts mean to the delivery of medicare services?


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Prepare for Multi-Channel Marketing

“Multi-channel marketing” is the latest buzzword to proliferate and pollute all the multiple channels of communication. (See item below for a good example of why.) Convio has published a survey (produced by Edge Research, of Washington and Baltimore) that looks at how well nonprofits are doing and at what seem to be the  success factors. Blogger Joanne Fritz offers a succinct summary of the findings.

One essential element for multi-channel success, the survey suggests, is the technology to synchronize online and direct mail databases. To get you started, blogger John Haydon has six good suggestions for integrating your email list with social media.

Guest blogger Don Akchin writes frequently about marketing and philanthropy at

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#SocialNetworks: Are We Seeing Pushback on Google+?

Google vs FacebookThe launch of Google+ (G+) remains an ongoing, by invitation only, event. The evolutionary rollout has given the latest social-networking site a caché of security and exclusivity that (lest we forget) Facebook enjoyed about five years ago. But is Google out to replace Facebook in the hearts and minds (and peeves) of the world’s social media junkies?

In recent days, a number of commentators say ‘No.’ Not only is Google+ not expressly trying to do so (at least not any time soon), it also is using some of the very techniques that got MySpace, then Facebook, to the top of the SM ladder.


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CASE: Simple Recipe Increases Giving by 50%

Talk about your multi-channel marketing.  Check out this case study: a health nonprofit supplements its end-of-year direct mail appeal with a series of four targeted emails, with outstanding results.

Guest blogger Don Akchin writes frequently about marketing and philanthropy at

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#Aging: Upcoming Movie Documents The Revolution Of Growing Older

The Aging Film Project LogoFrom the people who brought us the Civil Rights Movement and Haight-Ashbury, draft-dodging and fuel-efficient draft airplanes comes a new movement meant to revolutionize the ways we think about aging. The Baby Boomers have never really moved gently from one stage of life to another, so we should not be surprised to discover that they are not prepared simply to go gently into that long cold night.

Boomers and many of their Gen.X offspring want to challenge society to reconsider how we perceive aging and what aging is for – both for the individual and for his or her family and community. An upcoming documentary will help tell the story of that challenge.


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Don’t Fall for Social Media Pickup Lines

Yes, there really are some people, and some agencies, who truly understand social media. There are an even larger number who don’t but pretend they do.  Those are the ones to watch out for.  As writer Nichole Kelly notes in the Social Media Explorer, the pretenders can often be spotted by their tell-tale pickup lines, such as:

  • “If you don’t have a social media strategy, you’ll be left behind.”
  • “Social media is the only marketing strategy you need.”
  • “We have an experienced social media team.”
Don’t fall for grandiose promises. Pick your consultants with care.
Guest blogger Don Akchin writes frequently about marketing and philanthropy at

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#SocialMedia: Is Social Media Necessary? Sufficient? Myth-Busting Monday

Social Media Logos

The energies of advertisers, politicians, and fundraisers have been focussed on social media for the last five to seven years. And largely for good reason. According to, computer users have doubled their time on social media sites since the summer of 2007, now spending some 16% of their online time in social media. Facebook unique visitations can be measured in the millions, while unique visitors to Twitter, Flickr, etc., are in the hundreds of thousands (and growing).

But do growing looks and extended times on social-media sites translate into fundraising? Can social media eventually replace not only traditional media but such must-haves (ca.2005) as websites and real offices to meet people? A number of SM thinkers have pored over the statistics and mostly argue ‘No’.


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#Development: LinkedIn For Good Builds Bonds Among Nonprofit Members

LinkedIn For GoodThe social-networking site LinkedIn is treated as perhaps the most professional of all such sites/services. People who use it might have photos of some crazy weekends, but those tend to go to Facebook. LinkedIn has almost 4 million people within its network, and some 76,000 nonprofit groups that have coalesced within it.

With such credentials and use among nonprofit employers and staff, the site has recently hired Bryan Breckenridge to establish “LinkedIn For Good,” which is meant to enrich tools and networking opportunities specifically for the nonprofit community. One of the first things he and his staff  established was a handy-dandy page on their ‘Learning Center’ about how nonprofit individuals and organizations can make the most out of LinkedIn.


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#Aging: $450 Billion in Unpaid Care Another Likely Drag On Economy

A Family Arranging Its Medical BudgetWithout getting into the biological, religious, sociological… arguments of ‘why’, the fact is all human societies encourage, expect, even need families to support each other in ways that might appear contrary to self-interest. Parents want to keep their kids in school into their early 20s, for example, even though their counterparts a century often sent their children to work by their early teens – thus bringing much needed income to the family unit.

Eileen Connelly of The Associated Press reports that the economic burden nowadays lies much more at the latter stages of life than at the early stages. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), some $450 billion in ‘free’ health care is being given by family members of the chronically ill and/or elderly. The numbers have bloomed by some 20% since the Stock Market/Banking self-destruction of 2007. How might the trend develop over the next few years?


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#Marketing: Netflix Blows Its Public Goodwill In Announcing Price Increases

The Netflix Prices Are Too Damn High

From - Too good to pass up

The title of this post requires some parsing: the blowback Netflix has received with its 60% price hikes in its on-demand and DVD media services comes less from the price increases but in its ham-fisted announcing of those increases (note the 5000+ responses to the blog post linked to above). Last week we discussed the angry, reactionary, and carefully-considered responses that flooded Netflix’s social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and the company’s own blog). If the posts are largely to be believed, Netflix membership is going to plummet come September, when the new rates go into effect for current subscribers.

This week we see what calmer heads have been saying about the rate increase and the ways Netflix has tried to run damage control. As I wanted to emphasize before, I am not a subscriber (though I might still do so), and we wanted to view the issue as a marketing and social-media concern that can provide insight into issues your organization might need to face. Netflix clearly has a PR problem on its hands at the moment: To have what they would have, they speak not what they mean.


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#Public Policy: Charities’ Off-Shore/Tax-Free Holdings Brought Under Congressional Scrutiny

All the talk about US domestic politics and economics at the moment focuses on the federal budget and the possible default that will result if the US debt limit is not raised by 2 August. As our readers are surely aware, Republicans keep floating grand proposals of “Cut, Cap, and Balance“, while Democrats deride the proposals as “Duck, Dodge, and Dismantle” – proving yet again that whatever your politics, you gotta admit the left tends to have a better grasp on how to play with language without breaking it (as, for example, Fox News has done).

What all sides generally agree to is that the tax code has developed a myriad of loopholes that need to be addressed. But what loopholes may be enjoyed by which groups remains a sticking point. Case in point: Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants to end federal support of charities that have overseas – thus tax-free – holdings and assets. What does he hope to achieve?


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#Enviro: Looking For Work? Jobs For Greenbacks And For A Green Mid-Atlantic

MARC Regional Green Jobs Web Banner

Click here for jobs

The jobs numbers continues to tetter between 9% and 9.3% unemployment, and involuntary under-employment blooms those numbers closer to 20%. If you are searching for work in the Mid-Atlantic region (Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia), The Mid-Atlantic Regional Collaborative (MARC) has been pushing green jobs at their website over the last couple of years – a trend that has been growing across the country over the last decade or so.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Collaborative MARC should not be confused with the Maryland Area Regional Commuter MARC (though that too has green credentials). The MARC we are referring to allows you to search via keywords, ZIP codes, and commuting radius from your home for a job that is listed as working for the environment and/or making strides to reduce use of un-renewable resources. But the MARC provides more than a listing of some 147 jobs within 10 miles of downtown Baltimore (as of this posting).


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#Tech: Mac Mini Server, Part 4 – Storage Options

Scott Caldarelli returns to continue his discussion of the advantages of the inexpensive Mac Mini Server for your office.

Scott Caldarelli, Tech ConsultantI am pleased to be back to discuss the great opportunities that a Mac Mini Server can offer a charity or nonprofit wanting a stable, secure, and affordable computing solution for everyone in the office and even on the road. This time, I’d like to talk about how and where to store the files that your organization will be using.

By default, if you purchase the Mac mini Server from Apple, it comes configured with two 500GB, 7200 rpm drives. Also by default, the Mac Mini has one drive with Snow Leopard Server software pre-installed and one drive blank, awaiting your data.

There’s nothing wrong with that setup. 500GB is a lot of space for future use. Nevertheless, two issues arise:  First, the drive might not be quite fast enough for you.  Second, there are no failsafe provisions. If the system drive breaks, you can’t get to your organization’s files because the method and software to get to those files doesn’t exist. Conversely, if the data drive goes down or breaks, you can’t get to your files because the drive can’t be accessed.

Apple's RAID Utility is built in to the Mac Mini Server

Apple's RAID Utility is built in to the Mac Mini Server

One alternative is to set up a RAID 1 mirrored system. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent (or ‘Inexpensive’) Disks. A RAID 1 system allows for the first drive to be your actual, working drive.  What also happens is that when a file gets written to drive 1, it is also written to drive 2. On the Mini’s desktop, you would see only a single 500GB hard drive because the other drive is simply mirroring that original boot drive. In the event that the drive stops working, the RAID can be easily rebuilt, which typically uses a “Rebuild” command in the software to transfer operations to the backup drive.

Another alternative is simply to set up a clone of the OS’s drive – the one also carrying your files. I typically recommend using a software such as SuperDuper ($27.95) or Carbon Copy Cloner (donationware) to schedule a time to make a copy of the first drive to the second drive. After the initial run through, when the program runs again, it only copies any changes, which means the software takes much less time to finish its work. This system will allow you to restart and boot from the backup drive if need be.

A third option is to set up the two drives as a RAID 0 array. This is set up to provide faster read and write times to the drive, making the system work faster for all your staff. You also double your storage capacity because both original Mac Mini drives are used. Two 500GB drives yields nearly 1TB of drive space. The concern with this setup, though, is that if one drive fails, you’ve got nothing.  So, you want to be sure to attach a USB or Firewire drive to the Mac Mini and backup the two drives. It doesn’t need to be another RAID 0 system, just a drive large enough to fit what is on both drives (that is, at least a 1 terabyte drive).

In the next revision of the Mac Mini Server, it is highly likely that Apple will also install a Thunderbolt port on the back. Thunderbolt is a new high speed port that will greatly enhance storage speed compared to USB or Firewire.

Since the mini will also get a much newer processor as well, it’ll certainly open up what it is capable of and up the target audiences for it. Creative workgroups, small businesses, and even small video houses could use the mini plus a Thunderbolt RAID storage system to work cheaply, efficiently, and save on costs and power.

Many choices exist for storage for your Mac mini Server. Hopefully this will help the choices make sense for you and your organization.

Please see also Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of Scott’s discussion of the Mac Mini Server.

Guest blogger Scott Caldarelli writes frequently about technology and IT consultation at

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#Aging: Some American Cities Meeting The Challenges Of Boomer Residents

NYC has added 4 seconds to each crosswalk

The vitality of many American cities comes from our perceptions of them as hives of industrial, commercial – youthful – activity reinventing those very cities with each generation. Though such regeneration still goes on, the fact of the so-called ‘silver tsunami’ of aging Baby Boomers means many cities are having to reconsider how to service and accommodate ever growing proportions of older residents.

An Associated Press story carried by NPR discusses the efforts of a few cities to get ahead of the demographic shift, and to ensure that their communities do not become ghettoes of like-aged residents.


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#Social Networking: Netflix Losing Control of Social-Network Goodwill

This author is not a Netflix subscriber. The draw of the story about the media-streaming service raising its rates by over 60% earlier this week (a raise that will not have an impact on current subscribers until the fall) is how Netflix’s subscribers jumped all over the service via their social networks and Facebook. Netflix runs the risk of enduring a social-media backlash akin to that endured by BP during last year’s terrible oil-platform disaster and leak.

Of course, the repercussions of a rise in fees for subscribers are nothing compared to the environmental and economic travesties committed in the Gulf of Mexico – not to mention the deaths of eleven platform workers that BP/Halliburton/Transocean still have not had to redress. But parallels exist between their experiences because both companies first acted on the assumption that they could control the conversation/reaction, only to have the narrative pulled from them by the very people they thought they had mollified.


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#Aging: Establishing A Consultancy to Support Baby Boomers Calls For A Long-Distance Run

Brenda Becker of Top-Drawer Resources, LLC

Brenda Becker

We welcome a new contributor to our ranks, Brenda Becker, an aging-services consultant. Brenda’s consultancy connects seniors with the resources they need.

My husband loves to run. It all started, as it frequently does, when the numbers on the scale were a bit higher than he wanted to see. He decided to lose a few pounds, so ten years ago he hit the road and has not stopped since. At first there were short jaunts around the neighborhood, followed by organized running events in Baltimore, and then “destination” runs in New York City, Phoenix, Orlando, etc. Along the way, he learned a lot about how to support his passion. He, along with all seasoned runners, know that a foundation of proper training, healthy eating, and appropriate footwear can ward off injuries so they can enjoy their sport to the fullest.

While starting a new business is rarely seen as a sport, there are many parallels. To go the distance, one must understand the basics, build a solid foundation, work through the pain, set goals, and follow a passion. I didn’t think about my husband’s running obsession when I first created Top-Drawer Resources in early 2011, but now I can see that we are on similar journeys.


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#Development: Establishing Goals To Ensure Integrating Social Media In Your Organization’s Growth Plans

The 4 Phases of developing a Social-Media Strategy

Steve and Dado's 4 Phases of developing a Social-Media Strategy

Integrating social media among your peers and within the overall strategy of your charity or nonprofit is not simply a matter of establishing a Facebook presence and hoping for the best. Steven Van Belleghem, branding and word-of-mouth strategist at InSites Consulting, and Dado Van Peteghem, strategic consultant at DearMedia, have spent the spring interviewing numerous companies and large nonprofits in the US and Europe to explore what (if anything) these companies were doing to develop their social networks. They have been sharing their findings over the last couple of weeks, and some of their discoveries show how excited, yet hesitant, many organizations remain when it comes to social networking.

For example, Steven notes that though most companies want to have an SM presence, over half of them block social-media accounts to employees’ computers: “How can you expect your company to get organized for social media when the infrastructure is not optimal? 56% of companies still block social media (InSites Consulting research). It is difficult to learn how to work with Twitter if you can’t use it.”

Tough to argue against that one. Other insights they offer demonstrate the difference between having a social-media presence and having a social-media strategy. The former can feel vague and frustrating. The latter can bring clients and customers well beyond your original target audience to your organization.


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#Social Networks: Google+ vs. Facebook – Let The Debates Begin!

The Google+ Project Page

Were you invited?

If you’re a social-networks maven, you’ve probably heard a lot, perhaps even too much, about the exclusive/VIP/by-invite-only launch of Google+. As noted earlier, I am not on that A-List (either), but many smart people not on that list have already begun to handicap the fight between Google+ and Facebook. My goal is simply to introduce some of the issues they raise, offer some resources for you to read about the features of each, and provide a bit of context about the mother-of-all-social-media-battles.

Out of the trenches, Google+ conceivably could tie together what most of us do on Facebook (‘Friends,’ family, sharing holiday snaps, poking folks on their birthdays…) with what many of us do on LinkedIn (post resumes, create ‘networks’ of business peers, discuss developments in our industries…). True, one could do all this through Facebook, but given the millions of stories about Facebook flubs, few people are aware of the possibility of distinguishing social friends from work colleagues. Google+ has that distinction built in at the foundation.

So will that make Google+ powerful enough to deliver a knockout blow?


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#Aging: Ford Motor Co. Features Fonts For Baby Boomers – How Lame Is That?!

Ford Motor Company's press release about designing cars for older Americans

Click to enlarge

As Margo Channing famously said, “You better buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

The issue that has fired all cylinders is that the Ford Motor Company is designing a series of cars over the next few years with larger fonts and gauges in order, in part, to appeal to Baby Boomers. Out of the gate, the 2011 Ford Explorer has signage and text some 30% larger than previous generations, and Ford promises to expand the use of larger fonts over the next few years.

Catey Hill of noted Ford’s studies of dashboard legibility that argued for safety in larger fonts: “The move is an effort to make it “easier for people of all ages, particularly aging baby boomers, to read display fonts,” the company said in a statement. (Ford conducted a “legibility study,” which found that people’s eyesight begins to decline in their 40s and worsens from there; these results mimic the results of previous studies as well). Of course, it’s also likely an effort to sell more cars to the lucrative boomer demographic.”

As Boomers move toward retirement age, they will soon be a larger American demographic than children under five. So why would it be lame for Ford to adjust the fonts on the dashboards of its cars? Of course it would not be lame: not many five-year-olds in the car-buying market. But try talking sense to Tristan Hankins over at


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#How-To: Is The World Ready For Google+ (‘Google Plus’)? You Can Be.

The Google+ Project Page

Were you invited?

A week or so ago Google+ (‘Google Plus‘) went Beta to a number of developers, insiders, and people cooler than this blog writer. The jury is, to say the least, out. We shall be looking at some of the comments in detail in future posts. For now, comments range from the service being ‘Facebook to those who don’t like Facebook’ to Google’s rather late entry into the social-network portal races being downright ‘creepy‘.

Though yours truly does not have access to Google+ (and I’m not too down about it, really), I was invited to fill out my Google profile. I took the plunge to see what it was – and to see if it would improve my chances to get past the bouncers at Google+. Here’s what you are in store for if you too create your profile:


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#Development: Action Group ‘Do Something’ Grows Huge Through Small Smartphones

The social-media (r)evolution has proven a wonderful challenge for charities and nonprofits. The technology is cheap (not free), and as millions more get comfortable with it, the opportunity to reach a broad spectrum of supporters grows exponentially. And yet, without careful consideration of the stories your organization wants to tell, and how it wants to target constituencies within the various social-media outlets, the effort can seem maddeningly diffuse.

One organization has returned to the relative simplicity of text messaging with stunning success. Last holiday season a text message was sent to about 500 young people in New York City who had been in contact with “Do Something” but had not been much involved. They were told of a local food drive, and in just minutes some twenty percent joined in the effort. has not looked back.


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#Fundraising: However Counted, Charitable Giving Rose Slightly in 2010


Happy Independence Day!

First, MKCREATIVE wishes you a happy Independence Day. We hope you are enjoying a day of grilling and a night of fireworks – all with family and friends. We also ask you to remember the hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women who have suffered injuries, lost dear friends, and endured multiple deployments in our multi-front ‘war on terror.’ They will not be enjoying the grilling and fireworks, but (whatever you think politically about these wars) they are helping ensure that you and I can.

But on this most American of holidays, we note an uptick in one of Americans’ greatest characteristics: philanthropic generosity. The Giving USA Foundation recently reported both a reappraisal of how the organization tallies up charitable giving and a slight improvement in giving in 2010. This uptick is all the more noteworthy, given the ongoing malaise that grips our economy.


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#Tech: The Cloud Can Bring Liberty. The Cloud Can Bring Danger.

Columbia Phonograph Co. Cylinder LabelO Liberty…! is it well
To leave the gates unguarded?
Thomas Bailey Aldrich

The history of technology is the history of liberty and loss. We gained a stylus and wax and left the need to memorize everything. We gained a smartphone, and forgot how to write legibly. With great freedom comes great responsibility, and the need to make decisions that might protect and develop that freedom for as many as possible.

Which, in its own small way, is what the computing/network cloud is doing for us now. As we approach this Independence-Day Weekend, we wanted to touch on a couple of recent trends on the discussion of cloud computing. First, we must face the fact that those who want to steal from us in the cloud do not have the upper hand, but they do have too much freedom to take what they want.


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