New York Seems To Be The New Green – Is Baltimore Next?

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We spotted a tweet that nicely builds on our own report and interview with Steve Frillmann at Green Guerillas. Annie Novak, noted vegetarian and urban-eco farmer, posted a blog at “The Atlantic Monthly” this week, discussing her work with ‘Growing Chefs’ and with reclaiming rooftops for agriculture (a reclamation that lowers the energy demands of the building as soil insulates it from the sun’s heat and the winter’s snows). The entry is part autobiography – part call-to-action. Her work is certainly inspirational, if only for her ability to grow good food on top of a storage warehouse!

She tells her story with eloquence, so we encourage you to head to the posting. We would just like to continue to share her wealth of knowledge concerning her ‘Rooftop Farms‘ in Brooklyn, the Goode Green rooftop designing company who helped her establish the farm, and the ‘Growing Chefs‘ educational efforts to encourage youth to improve diet, health, and the environment.

Individuals like Ms. Novak and organizations like GreenGuerillas can do their work in no small part because of their enterprise and determination, as well as the networks they have developed. In Baltimore, the B2B Green Forum convenes TOMORROW for folks in Our Fair City to devise the sorts of projects these exemplars are achieving in New York. Will Phillips of Under Armor and Marty Metro of Used Cardboard Boxes are plenary speakers, and many other civic and enterprising leaders will share their experiences. Please register NOW. We hope to see you there (say hello to Marco Kathuria who will be representing MKCREATIVE), and let’s revive and adjust an old slogan that the Baltimore City government used to use: “The City That Greens.”

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